The origins, course and consequences of an intelligence operation held in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, organised by Offi ce No. 2 of the Second Department of Main Staff of the Polish Armed Forces and Georgian Military Organisation in 1930

Grzegorz Gilewski

[article originally published in: "Nowy Prometeusz" nr 11, 
czerwiec 2018, ss. 63-86]

Georgian emigrants, who in June 1931 began to read the fifteenth edition of the monthly journal “Brdzolis Chma” (Echo of the Battle), the social democrats’ official body, encountered an unclear picture of a young man wearing a white shirt with a tie and a dark jacket on page 4. The photograph was an illustration of a short reminiscence by one of them: And today in front of my eyes stands, as if he were real, a handsome and broad-shouldered Artimon, smiling at me from beneath his manly moustache. As if it was yesterday when I saw him off to the fatherland, walking proudly towards the battlefield. A year has passed – exceptionally hard, full of grief and lament for the Georgian nation.